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Originally Posted by asj5547 View Post
Wow ! you're right, the T-28 sticks on many airports, (including Flight School and Homestead)I have only been flying it from RC Ranch which has a few cracks in the runway and various aircraft get stuck there, so I did not pay much attention to the concern.
The T-28 acts like the front wheel is glued to the ground, I deactivated the brakes (that did not help) I increased the strength multiplier on the gear and wheels (that did not Help) but the strength increase has worked on other similar import aircraft problems, sorry I can not be of more help.
Yes that's kinda what it looks like, the front wheel is stuck. I walked up close to the plane and zoomed in all the way and throttled up the engine some and just watched until I finally broke loose and took off, but I couldn't tell anything. Then I looked really hard at the collision mesh for all of the wheels and they are definitely just slightly larger than the wheel itself and the wheel doesn't stick through the collision mesh at all. I'm going to adjust all three of the wheels collision mesh some and try that and see what happens. I'll post about it here once I try it.
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