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rapid vehicle prototyping suggestion

Something that would be terribly useful in RealFlight would be an option in the physics editor "save physics model as FBX". What it would do is create a rough graphics model from the current physics model. The user could then edit that FBX file if they wanted to refine the graphics (adding a color scheme, giving nicer curves etc), but they would also be able to fly it as-is and get a vehicle that does at least have all the element of the physics model showing up in flight.
The physics model should have all the information it needs to do this, as it is showing a wire-frame model already in the editor. When it saves the FBX it could even use the right airfoil shape, and include the pivots in the right place and orientation.
I suspect this would be quite a large piece of work, so maybe this is too much for KnifeEdge to do, but I thought I'd put it in as a request in case there is a KnifeEdge developer who has the time to do it.
Alternatively, I think that this could be done by the community. Maybe a blender plugin to load a rfvehicle file and create a 3D model would be possible?
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