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Originally Posted by mwilson914
I'm kinda late on this one. Appearantly the newer NVIDIA cards have a problem with this for some reason. You would think if the card is higher end it would work better, but I couple of people I know had a problem with my models when I had 4096x4096 as the native CS res. 2048x2048 seems to be the way to go. The CS can always be downsized before importing, or a higher res CS can be imported after the model is imported.
Mainly the problem is if ANY of the .TGA's are OVER 16MB, They crash n creating the .dds, My old 9800GTX+ Only had that problem rarely, I'll test it with my new card (GTX 480) and see if the issue is still there, I know its there for the GTX 285's.
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