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Originally Posted by 0xdeadbeef View Post
Well, yeah, even though I don't see the point, I have an RTX2080 and a Core i7-6700K, so not even RFX gives me troubles, but RC8 seem to be more comparable to classic RealFlight versions like 7.5 (I didn't mind to upgrade to RF8).
RFX is a totally different class, no matter how you look at it (geometry detail, lighting, water shader, grass/flowers/corn etc.).
Again, fly around a bit outside the church area in St. Gallen and be prepared to experience 3D from the 90s. Houses constructed from a few polygons, a totally blurry ground and bland repetitive textures that don't care if a window sits at the corner or directly under the roof.

Admittedly my remark about water was a bit short and inaccurate. So there is water visible in the 4D fields, but there is no real water simulation. Like you can ram a 24kg plane into the water surface and still only the nose will submerge a bit and then the whole plane (or its parts) will rest slightly wobbling on the surface.
Even in much older version of Realflight, you could touch the water surface with a wing tip or the tail and there would be a foam/wave effect on the surface etc.
With RC8, every touching of the water surface leads to an immediate crash. In (RC8) panoramas/photofields, it's even worse. Water seems to be a very sticky surface that destroys your plane. Actually, you can even fly under the water surface in one of the RC8 panoramas/photofields.
Wow, I don't know what you mean here? The Water in the 2x RC8's 4D Island fields (which are the ones I mainly use, and are kinda like RFX Wright Island) do water effects with floatplanes very well, even with just medium graphics quality. Much better than RFX imho. RF8 in VR does not even do water effects, lol! Maybe try to stick with 4D field comparisons, esp. for VR imho.

As far as rendering in 4D fields goes, there is no comparison. RC8 wins hands down to RFX imho. Trees and other scenery do not just popup as you get close to them like RFX, esp. in VR. Shadows do flicker unless you have enough PC power to use high or ultimate graphics quality settings. Actually I've found it best for my med PC power to use medium graphics settings with ultimate shadows.

I have seen your recent posts in the Aerofly RC8 forum complaining about how small foamies fly like bricks compared to RC7 (I do not have RC7 btw) and no one has agreed with this. I have tried a few foamies and they seem to fly ok to me. I mainly fly 3d planes and heli's in RF8, RC8 and real-life btw.

Also, not sure if you noticed but RC8 takes up about the same 9Gb disk space as RF8. RFX takes up ~30Gb. RC8 seems a bit more efficient.

Maybe have a look at this YT vid and show me where I'm missing something;

Originally Posted by BrokeDad View Post
The info on RC8 is appreciated. I have RC7 Ultimate and will stick with that for the time being as VR isn't a priority for me. I can fly outside at home when the weather cooperates so that's my VR alternative.
Ya, real life RC flying is always better! I don't have RC7 so I cannot say if RC8 is better or not for non-VR. But if you ever go VR, def look at RC8 imho.

Originally Posted by Bellah1z View Post
RF 7 or 8 is still very good for the flat screen . I can't see big difference from 7.5 to 8 anyway other than the very ordinary implemented VR.

I still use RF 8 for non VR.
Ya, for me RF8 is still king for physics (even a bit better than 7.5, esp. with heli's imho) and I still like it a lot in VR as well. RC8 is def a lot more interesting in VR though and far better than RFX in VR or non-VR imho. I esp. like the 4D islands tunnels and caves that you can fly through if you have the nerve and the beach bunnies as long as your wife is not looking, lol!

I gotta say that after buying RFX early last year after it's 1.5 beta update I do feel kinda cheated. I doubt that a RFX 2.0 is in the works (but who knows?). Maybe a future RF9 that has options to run better in VR in dx11/12 but still allows lower end dx9 pc's options to handle non-vr is in the works? Maybe a discount for current RFX owners?

For now, I'm glad I have both RF8 and RC8 but wish I had never bought RFX.

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