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Originally Posted by technoid View Post
I watched the RC8 video, thanks for the link. To me the flight physics looked off but of course without flying it I couldn't say for sure but they looked off in the video. I did find a cool blooper in the video, or better said in one of their planes. Look inside the exhaust and notice you can see through the plane someone forgot to define those polygons as two sided.
Ya, since RC8 is still pretty well early version #1 it still has a few visual bugs like you found.

A few other complain that the plane smoke does not last long enough, lol!

Physics-wise I would say that RF8 is still the king but both still needs a little model editing for personal preferences imho.

Some guys seem to think that everything should work 100% to their liking out of the box. I kinda feel sorry for those guys since they must be pretty disappointed with most things, and life in general.
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