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Originally Posted by OldSalty View Post
Hi All,
I have been using Phoenix 5 until I couldn't find the DVD to reinstall and was unable to get a new one, SO, I got RF 7.5 with the Interlink used for a good price and it has been awesome. I Use it on and off BUT now I want to get SERIOUS in learning to fly my Helis.
I saw an ad for RF-X saying it was the BEST SIM EVER and found a NEW software only copy on fleabay for 50 bucks and ordered it, but after reading some of the comments here i'm wondering if I made a mistake


Kelly in San Antonio
I started using RF-X with an AMD Ryzen 5-1500x, 8Gbs ram and a GTX 1050ti, yes I liked graphics and the flight physics of airplanes, but helicopters seemed to lag behind control input (made them difficult to fly), since then I have upgraded to an I7-8700, 16 Gbs ram and a RTX 2080, now helicopters fly great.

Your CPU and RAM should be sufficient but you may need to upgrade your GPU if you want to primarily fly helicopters.

As csgill75 pointed out , we do not know the future of RF-X.
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