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Originally Posted by rayvel
Yes, the 3DS import is also completely broken. It seems the previous code caused 3D Studio to crash and it was disabled, but still there. There were issues with the way it handled the object positioning and rotation. Hopefully the fixes result in a 3DS output that doesn't crash 3D Studio.
Ok, I began to wonder if I'm the only one who noticed it...

Originally Posted by rayvel
Your point about adding a child object called 'pivot' is interesting, but using the native feature of blender to move the object centre around seems more intuitive (to me anyways). How does 3D Studio handle object pivots? I don't have the software so can't make any basis of comparison.
In GMax/3DSMax you can either move/rotate only the pivot or only the object or both. With the pivot in place, you can use it as transform gizmo, e.g. for rotation around the axes of the pivot.

One benefit to using object centre as the pivot point is you can type 'R' 'X' 'X' (R then two times X). This forces rotation about the object's local X axis and will show you how the object will rotate in RF. Using a child object would not allow for this test. The other option might be to use the armatures/bones feature of Blender but my limited reading on the subject made it look like not a great fit to serve as pivot points.
My original idea was to use the empty as parent of the object. This way you could easily simulate rotation (not all control surfaces rotate along the X axis by the way). The drawback of this approach would be that AFAIK you can't move the parent (empty/pivot) without moving the child object then. But I guess this is also true for the object center. Then again, with the empty as parent, you could still remove the prent-child relation for the moment, move both objects separately and recreate the parent-child relation.
The other way round (empty as child) would be more comfortable to edit, but then you couldn't really use it as pivot inside Blender.

As I said before, if anyone is seriously attempting to use Blender for RF models I'd be happy to work with you over PM/email to iron out any remaining issues in the script. For those who don't want to or can't shell out to buy (or otherwise 'acquire') Deep Exploration or 3D Studio this should be a good/free alternative!
At the moment, I don't think I have the time or enthusiasm to start a new model in blender. I'm currently trying to become comfortable with Blender though despite all of its quirks. So chances are that if I find a nice plane that motivates me to create my 4th RF model, I'll do it with Blender then.

Besides, I'd guess it would be better if KE released the KEX specs so we could create a KEX exporter instead of messing around in 3DSMax scripts which will change with every new version of blender.
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