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The first times you run Realflight you must do so in Administrative mode.

Find the launcher icon, and right click on it, then select "run as administrator".

This will bring up the launcher.

Plug the Interlink directly into a USB port on the computer.

Open the Devices and Printers page ( the launcher is still active ) and make sure that Interlink Elite appears. You should hear a distinctive "USB GOOD" tone when you do so. If the Interlink Elite does not appear try a different USB port in the computer. If that still does not work, go into the device manager while the Interlink is still plugged in and "uninstall" any unknown USB device. Then unplug the Interlink ( listen for the removal tone ) and try again.

Once the Interlink is found run Realflight from the launcher. You SHOULD be prompted for the serial numbers.

Enter the serial numbers paying special care not to mistake zeros and the letter "O" and the numeral one with the letter "I".

One Realflight comes up calibrate the Interlink and EXIT immediately.

Now run the launcher again normally.
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