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Loading Error on Windows 10

I have RealFlight G3 and I recently got a new laptop with windows 10. I loaded G3 from the CD and it loaded fine. Then I tried to download the G3.5 upgrade. The download would start and run for a long time but wouldn't complete. So I thought I would uninstall G3 and reload it and try the upgrade again after the fresh load. So I tried to uninstall G3 and it didn't seem to uninstall correctly from the Realflight control panel. I then went into windows uninstaller and unistalled realflight from there.

Now I tried to reinstall G3 from the disc and I get an error message saying "This program has been damaged, possibly by a bad sector of the hard drive or a virus. Please reinstall it." I have run my virus scan, run disc cleanup and defrag, I have deleted any files from the day I installed G3, rebooted my computer numerous times and I still get that same error message everytime I try to load from the disc.

Has anyone else run into a problem like this? I guess I should have left G3 on the computer and not worried about the 3.5 update. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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