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I've given flexible permission to upload the B-58 for G3/ G3.5. Since I don't own G3 he would have to import the .kex and setup the physics, create the EA, then he has every right to upload to the swaps without having to go back through me. I don't need to be a baby and get the EA from him to upload to the swaps so that people double-know I created the model.

I think anyone could think this way because once you create the .kex, it's KE's property from that point on. The modeler always deserves to get credit for the model, but if I'm doing something for free to play with in the sim and I let others have the model too, I've lost nothing by giving up control to upload EA's on behalf of me.

I'll let people have my .max, .3ds model too if they want it. Don't PM me though for it. I'll know if I should upload to my jimdo webpage by seeing requests.

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