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AV verses EA

When a change is made to the EA file by Swap Page users, the only changes you can make,is to physics model, and those changes then become an AV. When you get a Kex file from a modeler, in most cases you will get only the standard RF set up. You will then create the physics model, an because it is posted as G3, "the swaps treats that file as an EA, not because you made an EA, but because there is no G3 EA of record to support it being posted as an AV.
An AV does not, an EA make, no matter how you comb you're hair, hold you're mouth, or what words you put on the file when you post it.
Speaking for my self, when I post a Kex/Ea, I have no choice but to make the post as an EA at that time, but then once posted, I edit the name of poster, and change it to the Modeler who created the 3D file, that is the only person who should get credit for an EA (Entire Aircraft).
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