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Originally Posted by flip3d
The question stands: Does "original content" also apply to alterations in the physics model?

Thoughts on this will vary and for that reason I ask for a response from KE.

Personally I would like to have the option of uploading a model without displaying the "Advanced Properties" be it EA or AV.

This opens a second question: Is this possible?
I don't understand why this question is even being discussed

Theres a reason why AV stands for Aircraft Variant. which by definition is an Alternate Physics model
KE "Built in" the option for users to make AVs . not all modelers get the physics model correct and this gives those more familiar with a particular model a chance to do it more accurately .
also not every kit built model is built "to Spec." and allows users to more closely match the physics model to the RW one that they built
or to change it to match the same type of aircraft that may be made by a different mfg. as in this example of your own **SR-71 !
the EA 3d model Is OFF LIMITS to being altered by someone else ............AVs are fair game
jeff pn asked "what are you trying to hide"......makes me wonder to ?......not allow Advanced Properties for an uploaded EA???....sorry.......... but you almost sound like "thegibHeelyDelton"..........I MUST BE IN CONTROL
**EDIT err..............Inkys SR-71
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