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More Tips


These features are useful when blending two colors or multiple colors. it is effective when making CS with complicated color patterns.

The Blur/Sharpen tool:
This tool is used when you want to tone down the edges of your work, or to sharpen the edges. the Blur/Sharpen tool looks like a water drop on your Gimp menu. To use this tool, just left click on the water drop and move your mouse pointer over the disired area you wish to work on. Now left click and HOLD IT, now move the mouse around over the area, and you will see it effect the CS, in the area you are. Continue to hold and move you mouse, until you are satisfied with the results. SEE PIC 1 Remember, after you are finished, SAVE your changes and look at your work in RF, if you don't like it, just EDIT, UNDO to get it back to what it was like before.

Smudge Tool:

The Smudge Tool is a nice way to blend certain areas of your CS. To use this tool, just click on the FINGER to the right of the Blur Tool.

[This is important, you must remember that with this tool you must go in the SAME DIRECTION when dragging from one color to another] SEE PIC 2

Pick the spot for blending, left click and HOLD IT, now drag it over the disired spot, in one direction. You will see that the colors start to bleed into one another, starting with the first color and ending with the last. The direction you go must be duplicated each time you left click, hold, and drag. If this is not done, the color will go from the second color, over the first color and messes up the effect. SEE PIC 3

Dodge/Burn Tool:

This tool is to the right of the Smudge Tool, and is used to lighten or darken areas, in much the same way as the Smudge Tool. But unlike the Smudge Tool, this tool uses the same color on the part that you select and slowly changes it lighter using the DODGE TOOL, SEE PIC 4 or darker using the BURN TOOL SEE PIC 5 depending on what you have selected in the TYPE CONTROL section of your Gimp Menu, select Dodge or Burn. There is three MODES in which to work, Shadows, Midtones, and Highlights. Use this feature to create shadows and highlights on your work, it is a very effective technique.

Good luck, and my best to you.
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