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More Tips


These filters can make special effects on your CS that you could TRY to do own your own and may not get lucky with. But you can use these filters in many applications on the CS page, from adding shadow, to creating highlights on your CS patterns. You will have to play with ALL of them, to find what you are looking for, on your overall vision of what you are designing.

Getting started is as easy as coloring the page with the basic design you have in mind. I will be using the Aerobat 40 CS SEE PIC 1 , to show you what some of these filters can do for YOUR CS. It has already been finished for some time now, and I'm going to show you how to give it a

After you have your CS changed SEE PIC 2, and almost ready, pick the FUZZY SELECT TOOL, the wand with the spark, and select the area in which to work, DON"T FORGET: it must be the same color, to select it. In this case it is my top wing. You will open your filter package at the top dialog line, and chose LIGHT AND SHADOWS.

Use the drop box to add some shadows under the red selected area by clicking on DROP SHADOW. There will be a box that pops up now called SCRIPT FU: DROP SHADOW, sometimes it opens behind your other opened work, just click it on the bottom blue line, and it will come forward, SEE PIC 3.

Now all you have to do is press OK, and you will see that your drop shadow is now there, SEE PIC 4. You can change the way the shadow looks by messing with the numbers on the top of the script fu, The offset X and offset Y will do this. You can also change the color of the DROP SHADOW by pressing on the COLORED BOX, to change the color. If you don't like what you see, UNDO it and make it the way you want it.

Adding light works on the FACE you selected with the FUZZY SELECT TOOL, and will color that area only, SEE PIC 5 so have fun and let your imagination run wild, your only limited by time your willing to spend on your CS, to make it nice. So spend some time on your CS, and you will appreciate your work, and others will too.

There are more filters than the two I used here, and you should try other filters and find what works for your CS, and you will see that there is SO much that this program can do.

Good luck and my best to you
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