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More Tips


This a feature not many know about and I actually find it by accident one day. It was there all the time but I didn't know it, now I will share this with you.


The best thing to do, is to pick any CS TGA and open it with the Gimp program. After it is open you can just close the CS portion, you don't need it open for this proceedure. After you close the TGA file, look at your GIMP MENU, you will notice at the top line there are 3 selects you can use, FILE, XTNS, AND HELP. The one we are after here is Xtns, just left click on it and a drop menu will fall, chose the BUTTON MENU.

Now you will have to chose between ROUND and SIMPLE BEVEL BUTTON. Choose round to start with, and another menu will pop up, SEE PIC 1. Now you will see that the pop up has some thing you will want to change, such as the TEXT, FONTS SIZE, AND FONTS. You have six color swatches that can be changed to suit your mood, change it the way you want and press OK, SEE PIC 2. LOOK, LIKE, LOVE, then save it as a JPEG in MY PICTURES. SEE PIC 3


This is easy to do, click on the LOGO button, and chose your selection from the many choices there, I'll use a few to show you of what they are capeable. Remember, there are as many choices as there are fonts in your computer, you could spend the whole day finding out what you like, and still not try everything there is to know on this section. If you dont like it, don't save it and open LOGOS again and change the FONTS or change the SELECTION you've made.

Remember to EXPORT & SAVE your work to MY PICTURES, as a JPEG. SEE PIC 4 & 5
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For a complete list of Recordings, CS's, AV's And EA's, I've done, click here
Paint Scheme Makers, click here for my Gimp Users Guide To Color Schemes
Also check out Grokking The Gimp.

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