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[QUOTE=opjose].....It is better to generate several separate detail layers, generate bump maps for each and merge them into one final file that contains the varying depths.

Photoshop's layer blending options permit you to do this ( e.g. using "difference", "overlay" etc... )........

WOW! I got to play with Photoshop again for a couple hours yesterday evening and used the layer blending option "overlay". It's real cool doing everything I need now in one file. I'll play around with "difference" hopefully tonight at some point. I'm working on the Furion 450 CS and seperating various elements to get the exact varying depths I want. I did just the ESC last night and I'll mess with the canopy and the battery tonight. I'll be creating my own design on the canopy, so it won't be a job I'll finish too quickly.

From this project, I'll be writing my most refined tutorial, with pictures to suppliment the instructions. So, in a sense, this tutorial is already somewhat obsolete, but it's still the basic forming foundation. I'll edit the original post in this thread when I'm ready.

I'll eventually find some way to use the plug-ins or use gimp for my future normal mapping needs, but I like seeing what all I can do manually. I believe this helps me better understand the fundamentals of how things work. Learning in this fashion forces me to understand every little detail, and it allows me to develop more creative ways of using tools.

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