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8.00.052 release notes

New Features [HHE ONLY]:
  • New Vehicles - If you own the Horizon Hobby Edition, this update completes the set, adding 5 vehicles to the 8 included on the original product disk.
  • Two New Challenges:
    - Hangar Obstacle Course I: Fly the HobbyZone Sport Cub S in SAFE Beginner mode from one end of a hangar to the other, avoiding the stacked crates in your way.
    - Hangar Obstacle Course II: Fly through the same courses with the larger E-flite Timber 1.5m in AS3X mode.
  • Multiplayer: Hiding a user also hides their chat messages.
  • Multiplayer: Default server message displayed to clients includes the correct local path to ServerMessage.txt.
  • Multiplayer: Removed a couple pilot profile avatar images due to branding.
  • Challenges: Pressing the Menu/Select button with the pause menu open no longer creates a second pause dialog after the first is closed.
  • Challenges: Reset, Menu/Select, and Cancel buttons can all close challenge award dialogs.
  • Default hand launch pitch angle is increased from 0 degrees to 10.
  • Minor visual fix for House of Horrors airport object.
  • Manual: Visual style overhaul and cleanup.
  • Launcher: If a file download failure occurs during an online update, it silently retries a number of times before notifying the user.
  • Launcher: Improved progress bar behavior, added support for larger downloads.
  • Launcher: The legacy product installer is cleaned up regardless of which uninstall options are selected.
  • Steam: Quick Select dialogs are disabled when the Steam overlay is enabled.
  • Steam: Prevented a theoretical scenario where the activation process could get stuck in an infinite loop with no user option to cancel.
  • Gremlin 280: Servo linkages are all oriented correctly.
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