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Originally Posted by legoman View Post
It already is a rc fighter with a big engine, also with a narrow under carriage. And I do intend to make it look scale and fly like a model and I though I was pretty close. and to the final question: "Do Scale RC Models people build fly like real planes or do they fly more like RC models?" they fly like rc models and the pilots use fine stick movements/control to make the rc plane look like a full scale.
OPPs.. that was a type-o (I fixed it) I meant "it will never be a Fighter with a Big Engine" as in a Real Plane. (but you probably already knew that)

Be assured my comments are only meant to help I want to fly this plane. I just think the severe torque hurts the model and the hi rate of climb at full throttle needs to be way less, just a bit of climb but not continual until it's at nearly 45 degrees it seems.

And yeah I figured that was the answer on scale RC models.
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