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I've been working on Lazy Eight Mk II a bit more. I always thought the steering wheel and gauges was a little to large so I went back and reduced the size of the steering wheel and all it's parts and the gauges too. I also wanted to improve the look of the gauges so I remapped them to increase their pixel count so they would look a bit better. It's not a night and day improvement but if you saw a before and after picture the improvement is there. I still have a little work to do on the gauges to finish them up and after that I think I'll release it. One thing that's improved on the gauges is the color fringing around the edges is pretty much gone and the color used vary edge to edge and that seems to be gone too. I'd have to completely redo the gauges to get anymore improvement the gauges wasn't super high quality to begin with, but the changes I made did make them look better with better color purity. But don't expect miracles it's just a nice change. I don't have any pictures but I thought I'd let you know what I've been doing to it.
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