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Yup, that's pretty low.

Unfortunately "mainly just for basic stuff like web surfing" is the kind of thing EVERY vendor hears that their customers ask for, when people walk into Best, or other electronic/computer stores... ( second most egregious line: "I don't play games". )

That is of course mutually exclusive with "good 3D performance"... and most laptop vendors opt for HD over 3D 99% of the time.

To avoid asking for the wrong thing, you should be asking about a "gaming" laptop.

"Gaming" laptops are optimized to run 3D applications, and have the necessary GPU horsepower and DEDICATED video ram to run things well.

"Gaming" is a misnomer but it is something the sales people and customers understand.

As the OS's move toward desktop 3D support, getting a "gaming" laptop is a safe bet for the long haul...
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