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Originally Posted by nonoitall

This statement doesn't really cover all of the variables involved, since "integrated graphics" encompasses a broad range of GPUs, some of which are more capable than others. I know integrated GPUs generally can't compete with higher end dedicated GPUs of the same era, but I'd heard the ones in AMD's APUs were pretty decent. I apologize if I come across as argumentative; I'm not dismissing what you're saying. I just want to be certain that (1) the application, (2) the settings used and (3) the specific GPU are being taken into account. Saying "it runs badly on my laptop with integrated graphics" doesn't really convey specifics.
I have yet to see any Integrated GPU with GOOD 3D performance including the Intel GMA series.

Even most of the Mobility GPU's leave a lot to be desired, but may do if nothing else is available.

Last year the KE staff commented on how graphics performance had on average DECREASED for most typical computers, thanks largely to the inclusion of Integrated chipsets .

I built a brand spanking new iCore7 Multimedia machine last week, to hook up to a family room HD TV.

This machine has 16 gigs of RAM, SDD drives, etc... but due to the size of the case I was limited to lower power draw video cards.

I first installed an Nvidia 8400 w/256Megs of Vram I had and found that with EVERYTHING at medium and particle effects, normals and bloom turned off, and foliage at 5, RF ran OK. But I was disappointed with how things looked.

I also installed Aerofly 5.7 on the same machine only to find it would NOT run at more than 2-FPS even with everything dialed down.

I re-enabled the on board Intel GMA X5400 and tried things this way with similiar results in Aerofly and about the same results in RF6.

So this week I moved everything over to a larger unit, and I'm back to loving life with an Nvidia 560ti installed.
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