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Originally Posted by nonoitall

AMD's 6620G is significantly better than Intel's offerings though. Graphics cards aren't my strongest area of expertise in computers, but if I read this chart correctly, it also would be a higher tier of GPU than a Geforce 8400. Hence my wondering if it'd be suitable for RF.
Take this with a grain of salt since I have not tried that specific adapter...

Going by the scale at Tom's ( which tends to be fairly reliable... ).

An Nvidia 8600 GTS ( which I have tried along with the 7800 GT ) will run RF acceptably with most things turned up, but a few minor items scaled back a bit.

Given that Tom's equates that to the 6620G, then you would see respectable performance.

Certainly NO problems for most photofields, and 3D fields will do fine.

You'll want to avoid bloom, focus, ultra high textures, and uber-high foliage levels, but otherwise performance will be good, and MUCH much better than my first go at my iCore7 Multimedia system.

A lot will depend upon how the system deals with textures... lowering texture sizes may increase available ram, letting RF run more smoothly.

With IGP processors that's the tradeoff, so if you have 4Gigs of RAM available, this may not be a big deal.
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