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Thanks Nizz for all of your great work!

I especailly liked the Citabria. I came here a few weeks back looking for some other planes and looked all over for a Citabria ... now I have one THANKS!! I soloed in an Aeronca Champ when I was younger, so the Citabria is special to me. I did tweek your Citabria just a bit by changing the prop to a 27 X 10 and tweeking with the incidence of the horizontal tail.

I've only started back into R/C (after being away for almost 20 years) and the G3 is a big help.

Maybe you, or someone else, can answer a question for me. Using the Citabria as an example. The edit screen says that it has a 65.4 in wing length. Is that per wing panel, because it sure looks like it's bigger then a 65 in wing span? Some of those numbers in the edit screen don't make a lot of sense to me. I've been thinking of getting one of the Citrabia kits that are available. I think that Lanier, Sig and Midwest have kits available. But, it sure would be nice to see how one flys before running out and spending that money. Which "model" is your Citrabia fashioned after?