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texture map problems

Hello, newb here.

I know blender well enough to be dangerous, but not make a living with it. I decided to tackle an Enticement as my first attempt at a RF model. I took detailed pics for modeling and textures, got the basic plane modeled. I learned a few do's and dont's for the next more serious effort, but before I did too much I decided to see if I could get what I have into RF.

I am running into problems after the export script. The kex file gets created ok, but when i try to import it into RF i get an 'error finding texture file'. The texture is a 1024x1024 non compressed TGA in the same dir as the kex file, as it was when used as a texture in blender. I also tried looking at the nexstar blender demo, and it will not even make it through the converter - 0 bitmap files used.

So i was sondering if someone could point me in some direction to resolve the import problem. Maybe just a sample that will actually import that I can compare to. Once I see something positive in RF I hope to get motivated to go do more detailed modeling.
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