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Some suggestions

1. I had a P-III 450 system with 3dfx Voodoo3 graphic card which ran RFG2 with no problem at 800x600 resolution. It must be said though, it would suffer some degradation of speed when trying to turn every graphic feature on.
2. I now have a AthlonXP 2200+ system with GF4 TI4600 card which runs RFG2 with no problems either at 1024x768 WITH every graphic feature turned on. However, it cannot be stressed enough that you MUST have the latest drivers and RFG2 installed.
3. The MX card would probably suffice, in case you're not hoping to prolong its use for long (like Ryan said), in which case I would recommend one of these choices: ATI Radeon 9700 Pro - the current king of video cards at about $350; GeForceFX 5800/5600/5200 - second best; GeForce4 TI 4600/4400/4200 - best value for money IMHO.
4. In any case, make sure your motherboard supports the version of AGP standard your new card operates with. Old motherboards like yours usually support AGPx1 or AGPx2. If your new card is AGPx4 or even AGPx8, your mobo will hold its performance or even not work with it. My mobo was AGPx1 compliant and I was told by my GF4 TI 4600 (AGPx4) manufacturer they will not operate together due to DIFFERENCES IN VOLTAGE. I didn't even try inserting the new card into the old mobo for fear of damage.

Hope this helps.

Real life? Never heard of it!
Is it worth the download?
Real life? Never heard of it!
Is it worth the download?
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