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obviously there is a difference of opinion..................from his link:

"it did not have the right stuff to lift off the ground. The Coanda weighed 926 pounds, yet its 50-horsepower engine only produced 450 pounds of thrust."

another source
"The weird-looking flying machine was called “Turbo-Propulseur” by its inventor, the brilliant Romanian aeronautical engineer Henri Coanda. A hundred years ago this week, on December 10, 1910, the Propulseur accidentally flew—or so Coanda would later claim—during taxiing tests at Issy-les-Moulineaux, outside Paris. If true, it was the world’s first jet flight. But Coanda’s accounts of the alleged flight changed markedly over the years, and a close examination of his stories, as well as his patent documents, leave more than a little doubt that it happened at all.
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