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If the 1900 RPM sample is the highest one you provide, then RealFlight will use it for some RPMs below 1900 (how many depends on the next lowest sample you provide) and for all RPMs above 1900. Making it do that doesn't require any special steps; it's simply the way the system works.

The problem is that the result will most likely be undesirable. Unless the engine using your custom sound profile also tops out around 1900 RPM, it's going to sound horrible. For example, imagine an engine that reaches 10,000 RPM that is using your custom sound profile that only goes to 1900. When it's operating at, say, 9200 RPM, that 1900 RPM sample you provided will get used to represent 9200 RPMs. RealFlight will adjust its sample rate to make it match what it should sound like at 9200. That means the pitch will be higher, and it will be played faster. Much, much higher and much, much faster in this case, because that gap is so large.

If you're recording an engine that really only goes to 1900 RPM, then that's one thing. But you should record the entire operating range of whatever engine you're using, so if it goes higher, don't stop halfway there.

Having said all that: you're certainly welcome to try it out and learn for yourself why it doesn't work well. You won't break anything, and that's probably better than me trying to describe it, anyway.
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