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Originally Posted by Boof69 View Post
The ~CS_BLADE is the visible geometry as shown in this threads original post. The ~CS_PivotBlade is the "Dummy" object.
Yes I under stand that. But the only part of the Hierarchy that rotates with the variable pitch is ~CS_BladePivot. ~CS_BLADE is stationary and cannot rotate. The ~CS_BLADE object tells real flight that it and all of its children are part of the propeller blade and should be duplicated, ~CS_COLL ~CS_GLOW... Or in the way that I found that works for V-Pitch props is to name some object cube etc. ~CS_BLADE. Then name the visual blade ~CS_BladePivot.

I tried HUB->"visual blade" (~CS_BLADE)->"dummy object" (~CS_BladePivot). Both the ~CS_BLADE and ~CS_BladePivot were duplicated and rotated around the y-axis. However, ~CS_BLADE does not rotate with the variable pitch and the ~CS_BladePivot pivot rotated with the v-pitch

I also tried HUB->"dummy object" (~CS_BLADE)->"visual blade" (~CS_BladePivot). And it worked/looked as a variable pitch propeller should.

I am not saying I am perfectly right. I am just reporting what worked for me.
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