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Originally Posted by Boof69 View Post
So I can easily get this to work on the Thunderbolt Sbach. This canopy is also mapped but I think the main difference must be that they ticked the 2 sided option for the diffuse texture in 3ds Max.
I added gradient on the RGB layers and lightened the alpha layer. No difference between the Russian Thunder and the Sbach in execution so this must be the case.
I tried checking that box and set the opacity at e0e0e0 and had a very dark tint on the outside but still completely clear on the inside. So maybe they had a shell on that canopy. Anyway thanks for you help I have another strange problem I'll post a question about in my Lazy Eight build thread in a moment maybe you can tell me what it is. I'll post a close picture of the problem.

Johnny31297, thanks for sharing your thread with me.. similar problems
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