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I assume you are editing the H4 Quad 520.

The values your looking for are highlighted here in the picture.

I originally edited the model in 7.5 to get the rates of 720. The navguide in 7.5 has the ability to show the actual pitch and roll rate of the model in real time when you perform the maneuver. The roll and pitch rate does control how fast the quad can perform the manuver, but this particular model left stock maxes out at about 540-550 degrees per second. It won't go any faster without further editing of the model (size, weight, power, etc). In RF-X the performance is the same so you're only getting a rotation rate of 540 even though its set to 720 because of the limitation of the model setup.

There are a couple edits from 7.5 that might work though, check out the Swap pages for edits of the H4 that may have already been shrunk down to a 250 size which is the size it should be for a racer. The stock model is to big for the performance you want. You can import AV's created in 7.5 and older into RF-X.

This one was one I found, edited by some people on RC Groups. It might be something you can start with. I have not tried it yet.
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