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Exclamation Re:Rf7.5 model import From Blender

Does that mean I do not need 3ds and kemax exporter at all?
It Depends you have posted your ?'s in RF7 Designers Forums The Polys are the limiting factor for 3ds export from blender to RF7,Tho you asked about RF8?(Fbx Export).Perhaps ask Admin to Move Post?If you Mean RF8?.

should I learn blender or 3ds for plane modeling?
Couldn't tell you Which One! Steep Learning Curve for either!,but
they are the Only All In One Solutions.
Will wings 3D export into rf8 without converters?
No! A half way house @ best & still a learning curve!
Will blender allow linking and naming parts.when you build the plane I assume all movable air surfaces are separate parts.

I just bought rf8 yesterday. I used proe for a living and experimented with animation and making connections. Is this like that or different tools
Yes!This means You not need 3ds and kemax exporter at all!
If You have just bought RF8.
Never Used ProE Not qualified 2 Say,perhaps Conceptually.
Anyhow Good Luck!.
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