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Arrow Part 2.1: Testing setup and configuration: Generating a test .tga file for our object

In this small part, I will say something about generating the texture file for the aircraft.

Every aircraft has only one texture file, and every object, whatever material values it has must refer to this one texture file. It is not possible to refer to multiple texture files. While that wouldn't bother the export to the .3ds - file for the .kex - exporter, it would definitely bother the .kex - exporter itself leading to multiple error messages.

The only texture - file format, which is supported, are .tga - files. Sometimes they are also called targa - image files (See Part 2.3). At this point I want to loose some words about the Alpha - Channel.

The Alpha - Channel is something like a mask, over your whole texture - area. It's normally not visible and only contains colour values between white and black. With these two colours and every grey colours between them you have control over the transparency of the aircraft - parts, which are linked to every material called ~ALPHA. G3 will read out the Alpha - Channel and setting opacity according to these colours (white = completely visible; black completely unvisible). More information, when we are exporting the aircraft

The resolution ratio (widith: length) of the .tga - file is always the same: 1:1 . Your file may have the size of 1024x1024 pixel, or everything according to that (256x256, 512x512). The maximium size after my knowledge is 2048x2048 pixels.

Especially when you are working with a lot of different objects of your aircraft, and have a lot of unwrap - uvw - modifiers, it's practicable to use that size, because you simply have more space for the definition of the texture areas for your aircraft objects. So why not generating a .tga - file for our test object in the size of that ?

(1) Install GTK+ 2.0 environment and GIMP, if you haven't already done it.

(2) Fire up GIMP!

(3) Go to File -> New File -> Set with and length to 2048 and make sure "Pixel" is selected.

(4) Fill the area with any colour you like and go to File -> Save As... ->
Select under "File type", "TarGA - Image" and (the best would be to save it like all other files in one folder for the whole aircraft, that depends on you ).
A small dialog box appears. And now, that's very important: Deselect the option RLE - Compression!!!. The simulator cannot handle compressed .tga - files, the .kex - exporter can!!! , and will not make any noise in form of an error message, that you are using a compressed .tga file.
Let's use this texture - file in Part 2.2: Testing setup and configuration: Generating the x. - file; DE setup.
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