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Turbine Powered F/A 18

I took the EP powered F/A 18, and replaced the EP engine with a turbine. It is incredibly fast. Low rates, I only suggest for when the engine is on fairly high, high rates, the plane is much more mauverable. Also I dont thnk that low rates are a good choice on final approach. You need full left rudder trim to keep the plane flying straight, and I highly suggest using smoke, it is alsomt impossible to keep track of the plane otherwise. For those who don't like planes quite as fast, you can easily decrease the thrust of the turbine, I have it at 30 pounds of thrust. If you like, you can skywrite if you increase the time the smoke is visible for. I hope you like the plane, and I would also like it if someone could add landing gear. It would make the plane easier to fly.
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