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Old 09-14-2014, 08:23 AM
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Heli realism in g5.5 compared to g7 ?

After tuning my helis in g7 to match my real helis best as closely as possible, I've flown it alot and it's pretty good. But I've been spending time on g5.5 lately and have become convinced... flight physics in g5.5 are superior to g7.

- G7 has more realistic autos & crashes... those are improved.

But g5.5 has the feel of flying a real heli... a real physical object flying through real air.

- The heli has momentum and will slide out of track in high speed turns. It will shimmy & shake at hard stops.
- Air seems too thick in g7. Helis move free'er & more naturally in g5. (This may be the root of the difference in feel? )
- When you reverse from left to right piro (against direction of travel) in a funnel, you can hear the difference in the tail rotor... just like at the field.
- And of course it's been discussed before but... heli collective sounds were removed in g6 and have never returned.

Most of this is subjective & really just a matter of 'feel', so it's hard to compare your experience flying real RC at the field and then put your finger exactly on the differences. Realflight is a fantastic sim and I owe all my realworld skill to thousands of hours of it's use... so this is not intended as a dig. It's just that I think RF may have taken a slightly wrong turn and wonder if anyone else agrees?

I welcome differing opinions.

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