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Old 07-10-2017, 11:33 PM
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Still no VR support?

So a few years back I posted this thread: http://www.knifeedge.com/forums/show...ht=Oculus+Rift
and it was pretty much shrugged off by Ryan.

Well now as you can see, VR is not a fad, the tech is here for it to be a viable platform and it's rapidly evolving. It truly is the future, It is not nausea inducing since the second dev kit came out since it uses positional tracking, it has huge support by most major gaming companies, is a standard benchmark for 3d card performance, and there are multiple headsets on the market with several companies working on their own, and the resolution is now easily sufficient with the standard being ‎2160x1200 or 1080x1200 per eye.

Realflight is absolutely the PERFECT platform for VR... adding depth perception will give people the presence to judge distance instinctively and add further immersion when doing flybys and trick flying with heli's.

So here's the question.. For the love of god WHY hasn't K.E. gotten this done. Even with one of the 3rd party drivers out there. Duplicate the viewport move it 3.5 inches to the left, add IPD, and person height variables for people to adjust that distance, then warp both views for the lens corrections, and tie camera rotation and position to the positional tracking and you're done. Release it as an addon, a driver, a feature, whatever, just add it, it will be amazing!
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