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Old 09-03-2002, 09:07 PM
jonb jonb is offline
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Worst software?

I've been around this block before. Every major game has a discussion board like this one. Every major board is loaded with "your program is junk" messages.

Here is the story:

PC's are way too complicated. They don't "just work." If your PC seemed to work before it was luck.

Lots of other people seem to have PC's that work.

If you want your PC to be stable and run all the really cool software you have to take total control the situation.

What motherboard do you have? What chipset it is on the motherboard? What processor? What video card? What sound card?

Step 1) Figure out what MB, and what chipset then look around the internet. Every MB and Chipset has a discussion forum.

Step 2) Read them. Search them.

AMD - look at amdmb.com. Via chipset - viahardware.com (I don't build PC's with Intel so I can't help you there but I'm sure the forums exist).

Search their forums for similar problems. You'll be amazed what you'll find.

Geforce card? Try the Geforce FAQ (now run by tweek3d.net) http://www.tweak3d.net/faq/faq.cgi

Having audio trouble - look on your sound cards manufacturer's forum.

Buy from Compaq, Gateway, HP, or Dell. Check their sites.

When you have a problem don't stop with just one forum. Try them all. All these problems are related.

Try google. Type a description of the problem into google. Often you can find discussions that relate to the problem.

Example: Audio crackling? Via chipset? Check the geforce faq. Could be your AGP to PCI latecy needs to be set to zero. Bios doesn't support that? Download a bios tweek tool.

Example: Just updated your nVidia drivers and now you boot to a black screen? Check amdmb.com. Maybe it's your monitor doesn't support 85 or 120 Hz.

Example: You installed a game and boots to a black screen. Check the geforce faq. Get a refresh rate tweek tool and verify the game isn't using some crazy resolution.

Bottom line: if you want to fix the problem you've got the beat the pavement. Get around. Check out these sites. Ask some questions.

I've built 8 PC's in the last 4 years. Every one has been a fight but I got them all working.

I've had bad monitors, bad CD ROMs (nasty problem that drive was), bad bios's, bad chipset drivers, bad video drivers, bad sound cards, bad sound card drivers. I've even had bad CD ROM firmware (did you know you can update that - now you do).

When you find the answer you can post it back to these forums and help the next guy.

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Old 09-06-2002, 02:40 AM
PinkTacoFondler PinkTacoFondler is offline
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coded software??

wow!!!!! you folks get into this pc stuff..i have had problems with g2 and support was great, they helped me fix my issues except my controller issues which i have a post for..i do have a question though..why doesnt tech support have a toll free number??..i did pay alot of money for this program..and then i gotta spend more to get it to work?..thats like buying a car then you have to call a 900 mumber to get a set of keys for the ignition..well i hope somebody other than a bean counter reads this.....later all fondler
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Old 09-25-2002, 02:23 PM
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>>have internet at office not at home

You know what?

Highflyer would rudely say... be like normal people like 90% of them are becouse they all have internet access at home...

Isnt it so Highflyer???
Or "Just get over it..."

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Old 09-25-2002, 05:15 PM
hobiewan hobiewan is offline
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That's you isn't it Eiseldude

Your colors may change but your style and attitude doesn't. go.home.
BTW, you didn't learn the first time did you?
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Old 09-25-2002, 07:09 PM
Highflyer Highflyer is offline
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What? I must be missing something. I've been out of it for a while. Have I been rude again???

Been trying to get Windows(sucks)ME loaded on a couple of machines. Don't ask me why. You know what? MS requires you to have an internet connection to get the updates. And ya gotta have the updates. Imagine that....

And autodesk will mail you a disk with the updates but they charge for that and it has taken 3 weeks so far and still no disk. Even after I paid $3000 for the software. I gotta remember to call about that tomarrow.

Gee, I hope I haven't been rude or hurt anyone's feelings tonigh
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Old 09-26-2002, 05:19 AM
cighh cighh is offline
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Can I mention one thing here - why is it that RFG2 gives me more problems than anything else I run - is it because the code is better - or perhaps not as beta tested as other software - come on - think about it - what makes sense here people. Is it the copy protection perhaps?

I run lots of DX8 software - and NEVER - I repeat NEVER have the multitude of problems running it - to the point of crashing on startup - with no error message etc: - Nascar 2002, Comanche 4, Delta Force2, FS2002, Warcraft, Flashpoint, NOLF, F2001 etc etc - all work fine!

Sure they've required updates - and code fresh of the presses often does.

But after several months of follow up and multiple patches - THEY GET IT RIGHT.

And when tech support informs me they are recommending backing off the update to a prev rev - what is one supposed to think? (as I have been told in the past)

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Old 09-26-2002, 10:43 AM
Highflyer Highflyer is offline
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Complain to the company not here. If you want help from us happy users complaining about the product will not get it.

I have lots of other software running also. Sometimes they run perfectly for months and then for no app. reason they crumble. Why??? I don't really care why, I just want it back up and running. I earn my living using computers and it costs me lots of money when it is down during working hours. But I learned a long time ago that knocking the product on discussion groups like this didn't get me the answers I needed.

Free speech and all that, so say what you want.

But really there isn't a good program in the bunch ofum if you really get down to it.
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Old 09-27-2002, 05:06 AM
Highflyer Highflyer is offline
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Naw... I went home last night and compared it to the trouble I've had with windows and RFG2 ain't the worst coded software yet.
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