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Old 09-09-2008, 12:55 AM
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Upgrading/Updating RF "Deluxe" ?

I was given RealFlight "Deluxe" complete with the Futaba "gameport" controller (which means I need to buy the Radio Shack "15pin to USB" solution to get it to work on my laptop and my wife's laptop b/c neither of us have a "gameport") It is version 1.20.71. We are both running WinXP SP2.

Question 1:
Can Realflight "Deluxe" be updated to newer versions/releases, and if so, how far before having to start to "pay for the privalege" ? (Can it even be updated to the point of G3 or even G4 -- i'm not even going to ask if it can update all the way to the brand new G5; that's just asking the God of RC Aircraft for TOO much and I'm trying to be realistic ) Where do you go (what website) for the updates to get me as far as it will take me?

Question 2:
Are there sites where I can go to and download additional airplane models for RealFlight Deluxe? I found a couple of places with planes for some of the later versions (like G3 & G4) but nothing for "older" versions like "Deluxe".

Question 3:
Are there any "critical" file updates on a site somewhere that I should get to make the program run correctly/better in WinXP or with the controller?

(btw: I loaded it up for a brief while last night and kept getting oddball runtime errors; maybe b/c I wasn't trying to use the included Futaba controller and was trying to use a PC "gaming" controller (a Firestorm Analog with 2 "thumb sticks" > think PS2 game controller and you're close) >>> I've since "uninstalled" and decided to ask questions FIRST )

I've been using FMS for quite a while and I'm really hoping THIS program not only "functions" correctly (i.e. "without errors"), that it looks and "feels" better and more realistic as a simulator >I'm not naive', this IS a PC based sim and all sims are inherently imperfect ---> or TOO perfect depending on how you look at it; ex: not simulating the "chaos" of the realworld and letting you fly with a PERFECTLY balanced and PERFECTLY trimmed plane; in a PERFECT "no cross wind" situation; flying in "Idiot Free RC Pilot Zones" ((( IFPZ = Idiot Free Pilot Zone ))) ; not having your equipment FREAK OUT on you in the most PERFECT of ALL possible moments (Have you ever had an aileron servo suddenly and completely die while you're making an inverted pass down the field? "Coronary Embalism" is a term that comes to mind....). You get the picture about what I'm trying to say Some times "perfect" is "TOO PERFECT"

Sorry for so many questions, but I think they're all "related" to product updates/upgrades so I put them in the same post. Thanks in advane for all the help!!!

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