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Old 01-28-2012, 01:52 AM
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New RF6 public beta (6.00.030) is available

Version 6.00.030 is now available as a public beta download. In addition to some important fixes, it includes brand new content! Be sure to explore all the different pilot spawn locations at the new Junkyard airport (View menu->Camera Position). It is full of dynamic objects just begging for use with the new Sikorsky Skycrane's grappling hook! See the full release notes below for more info, and please let us know if you discover any new bugs.

This version is compatible with 6.00.027 for multiplayer.

Perform the following steps to obtain the update:
  1. Start the RealFlight 6 Launcher
  2. Click Additional Options, then Technical Support
  3. Click Enter Tech Support Code
  4. Enter the following code: B#jy2qe255eq44 (If successful, you will see a message saying "You are now registered to use the Public Beta site until the new version is posted to official download site.")
  5. Go back to the main Launcher menu and click Registration/Updates
  6. Make sure that in the bottom left corner it says Temporary Public Beta. If not, try reentering the code
  7. Click Update to Latest Version; alternatively, click Update to Specific Version, choose 6.00.030 from the list, and click OK.

The LauncherHelper will need to restart partway through this process. Answer "Yes" when it asks if you want to continue downloading the new version. When this process is finished, you will have the latest available version of RealFlight 6.

  • Great Planes Micro F-86 Sabre EDF
  • Sikorsky Skycrane (with and without controllable grappling hook)
  • Junkyard airport

  • Fixed a number of possible crashes based on user submitted crash reports
  • RealFlight displays a warning when loading an aircraft that was not set up in RealFlight 6
  • Propwash airflow behaves more realistically
  • Fixed a handful of missing/incorrect airfoils, retuned stock aircraft that use airfoils we edited
  • Governors on electric helis sense motor RPM instead of rotor RPM. This helps maintain motor RPM during head overspeed conditions instead of briefly shutting the motor off until rotor speed returns to normal
  • Improved electronic flybar component aileron axis behavior to reduce oscillations and initial roll rate overshoot, resulting in smoother response to inputs (aileron axis only)
  • Rewind is disabled during recording playback
  • Physics Gadget: Hover mouse over Physics Speed slider control to see current value, which then updates in real time as you drag the control
  • Physics Gadget: Difficulty knob always reflects the current settings on the Custom tab without having to reopen the gadget
  • Import/Export: When exporting an airport, the original location of dynamic objects is used instead of their current location at the time of export
  • Import/Export: When exporting an airport, a custom object that appears more than once in the airport is included only one time in the .RFX
  • After disengaging the grappling hook, there is no longer a delay before it can be reengaged
  • After loading an aircraft with a grappling hook component, the hook's initial engagement status always reflects the input value of the engagement servo
  • The grappling hook does not interfere with aircraft spawning on top of airport objects
  • Aircraft Editor: Several properties now use millimeters instead of centimeters or meters when metric units are selected
  • Airplane Hover Trainer: When throttle control is surrendered to the sim, the Get Ready dialog shows the throttle stick at the correct setting for hovering, making it possible to satisfy all the start conditions
  • Multiplayer: Fixed crash when starting an empty game list
  • Multiplayer: Autopilot assist is disabled during games
  • If the main RealFlight dialog is resized, gadget positions and sizes are adjusted to prevent them from getting stuck off screen
  • If a recording fails to load, the Open Recording dialog does not repeatedly reappear
  • When camera is in free look mode, mouse sensitivity is adjusted based on zoom level, making movements less extreme if you are zoomed in close
  • Thunderbolt Sbach 35% is now the default vehicle

  • Thunderbolt Sbach 35%: When one elevator breaks off, it does not continue functioning visually. The remaining elevator does.
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