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Old 04-05-2012, 05:05 PM
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RealFlight version 6.00.042 is now public

6.00.042 is now a free public release. It adds a lot of new content and features to the sim. To obtain it, simply run the RealFlight 6 Launcher, click Additional Options, then click Registration/Updates. You will need to complete the online registration if you have not done so in the past. (This may be required even if you have registered previously; if so, just make sure to use the same password you used originally.) Then, click Update to Latest Version, or Update to Specific Version if you prefer, and follow the instructions.

Heli pilots rejoice! Both the Synergy E6 and E7 are included in this update. In addition to their standard color schemes, both helis offer a green canopy that was only available as a limited edition in the real world.

RealFlight 6 now supports custom propellers for planes! With KEMax, users can create their own blade shapes and textures to achieve whatever look they desire. We have published a basic tutorial in the the Designer's Corner forum. This feature follows closely on the heels of the last update (6.00.038), which added custom visual blades for helis.

We've included something for airport builders, too: a number of new R/C equipment airport objects, most of them able to be picked up with the grappling hook! See below for the complete list.

And if you are like most users, you probably see the same default color scheme every time you load a vehicle and don't realize just how many aircraft have additional color schemes available. Now, each time you select a new aircraft, RealFlight will randomly select which scheme to display. It's a great way to experience all the different art that was previously hiding just out of view. (This feature can be toggled from the Aircraft menu.)

These are only a few highlights. See the full release notes below for more info.

Note that this update is cumulative. As long as you obtain the update via the Launcher, you do not need to update to any earlier/in-between versions first.

  • Synergy E6
  • Synergy E7
  • RealFlight randomly selects which color scheme to display for an aircraft
  • The appearance of Windows-based dialogs and controls throughout the sim has been updated
  • The Aircraft menu's Kill Engine feature has been expanded to allow selecting a specific engine in a multi-engine aircraft
  • R/C equipment airport objects (underlined objects are dynamic):
    Covered Tables (Black, Blue, Red, White), Futaba T12ZA transmitter, Futaba T7CAP transmitter, Futaba T9CHP transmitter, Futaba Transmitter Case, Generic Transmitter Case, Metal Fuel Jug, Plastic Fuel Jug, Glow Plug Igniter, Motor Starter, Screwdriver, Work Cloth, Work Cloth - Edge
  • Custom visual propellers for airplanes

  • Aircraft Editor: Fixed a crash when selecting "Delete Last Output Channel" in the software radio when no channels exist
  • Fixed a crash related to using the gadget tabs while in orbit cam (Ctrl-E) mode
  • Physics Gadget: Physics speed does not reset to 100% each time a new aircraft is loaded
  • Physics Gadget: Physics speed tooltip is updated when the slider moves for reasons other than the user explicitly dragging it, such as clicking the gadget's Reset button
  • Gyros are bettered behaved while on the ground
  • Gyro state is cleared more completely after aircraft reset
  • Aircraft Quick Select menu does not store the color scheme you clicked last unless you actually load the aircraft with it. This is a nonissue when the Randomize Color Schemes option is enabled.
  • Added the missing counterclockwise version of the V-Pitch prop. This makes the CCW version selectable, and stops the FlatOut Extra 300S with V-Pitch from triggering a warning message that we added in .038 to detect this type of issue.
  • The grappling hook's ball end glows at night

  • Rave 90 ENV Electric (flybarred and flybarless variants): Tweaked to better maintain target headspeed in Idle Up 2
  • Sikorsky Skycrane: Control sticks in the cockpit move in response to inputs
  • Sikorsky Skycrane (Grappling Hook): Added an onboard camera facing downward from above the heli to give a helpful additional perspective for easier grappling. This works best when selected in a viewport, as a supplement to the main view from the ground.

  • All airports: Helis spawn tail-in at the default pilot location


If you previously downloaded the 6.00.040 or .041 public betas, here's what is different in .042. For everyone else, this is irrelevant.
  • The gyro improvements listed above
  • Clicking OK in the aircraft selection dialog loads the currently selected color scheme
  • Synergy E6 & E7: Skid stiffness is set to 100%
  • The grappling hook exhibits the correct amount of drag
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