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Old Yesterday, 09:39 PM
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A short update. Just so you know I'll be releasing another beta soon that has some important fixes in it. There were so many changes as I modeled it the last thing I did before releasing the first beta was to go back and Re-Map all the parts that changed, but I forgot to remap one part, the floats, and remapped the fuselage backwards from my normal way (so I fixed them). Normally looking in the CS file the fuselage is mapped in four parts and going down from the top is (top, left side, right side, and bottom). But I messed up the left and right sides so right now from top to bottom it's (top, right side, left side, and bottom). So I fixed the fuselage mapping and remapped the floats so everything is okay now. Plus I finished the color scheme so it looks a bit better too. I'm not sure when I'll release the second beta but I thought I'd let you know it's coming soon.
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Old Yesterday, 11:45 PM
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Originally Posted by BrokeDad View Post
If anyone wants to play with my AV here it is. Since there are no flaps there is a reverse thruster on the knob.
Nice work BrokeDad. now I can reverse the Flying Boat back on to the sandy beach.
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Old Yesterday, 11:56 PM
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Here is a video of the Flying Boat with differential engine power to increase water handling (tighter turning)

I converted from gas to electric motors so I could fly at Wright Island, (Hacker Q 100 5L, with Lipoly 5000 mah 65C battery, 14 cells) also added extra throttle servo for left/right engine control.

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