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Old 11-14-2013, 07:25 PM
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RealFlight version 7.00.022 is now public

Version 7.00.022 is now available as a free public release.

This version includes the new Flyzone Hadron! Get ready for some crazy stunts. The Hadron has a delta wing design and a pusher prop that yaws on high rates, making it possible to execute truly wacky maneuvers.

See the full release notes below for more info on everything contained in this version.

The LauncherHelper will need to restart partway through this process. Answer "Yes" when it asks if you want to continue downloading the new version. When this process is finished, you will have the latest available version of RealFlight 7.

  • Flyzone Hadron

  • Unplugging a controller while the sim is running then forcing the list of controllers to update does not cause a crash
  • RealFlight does not crash if it has to exit during startup due to an error condition
  • Virtual Channels are unaffected by keypresses in the chat window or other text entry fields
  • Challenges: Fixed a bug that occasionally occurred on level begin. It could manifest in the following ways: aircraft sent flying up in the air; aircraft immediately breaking apart and causing instant level failure; sim crashing
  • Challenges: Fixed a crash that could occur when pressing Reset while an airport loads
  • Challenges: Challenges that have not been clicked have a "New!" indicator
  • Challenges: The various dialogs do more to inform you of your previous best time and the target time for a perfect score. They also report distance instead of time for Spot Landing.
  • Challenges: Pause screen is replaced by a new dialog
  • Challenges: Tab key is enabled for taking screenshots during levels
  • Challenges: Camera location and look direction are correct at level begin for levels that use an onboard camera
  • Challenges: The camera resets to a better position on level begin for levels using a tow plane
  • Challenges: Spot Landing scoring area is properly aligned with the outer edge of the target
  • Challenges: Spot Landing target does not become active until you take off (you can't fail by just taxiing)
  • Challenges: The level countdown timer does not beep on level begin for levels with a max time of less than 30 seconds
  • Challenges: Recordings are closed when a challenge begins
  • Challenges: Spot Landing levels 1 and 2 play the correct sound on level completion
  • Challenges: Removed an extra word in Ring Race level 7's description
  • Multiplayer: Deadringer works correctly at airports used by Ring Race challenges
  • Multiplayer: Players do not collide with other players who are hidden
  • Multiplayer: The tooltip text for the proxy warning icon that appears in the multiplayer gadget has been improved
  • Behavior and appearance of checkboxes in the Edit Radio Profile dialog are improved
  • Linear actuator components correctly move attached visual frames
  • Controller Selection: The dialog does more to support very long radio profile names
  • Radio profile selection and calibration data is stored per device using a unique ID (useful if you have more than one of the same device type)
  • Any inaccessible content used during a challenge will not be added to the MRUs and the sim will not try to load it on startup
  • Edit Radio Profile dialog: Performance is poor when viewing/editing a custom profile
  • Edit Radio Profile dialog: If software radio rates and expo are bypassed, text for channel 5 is updated accordingly
  • The mouse scroll wheel always scrolls the list of challenges in the Select Challenge dialog
  • Added scroll bar functionality to dropdown selection controls in the UI
  • Aircraft do not experience a bump when taxiing slowly under a limbo bar
  • Aircraft Editor: Visual Mesh triange reporting properties are expanded and clarified a bit, and visual and collision triangle counts now behave consistently
  • Aircraft Editor: Linear Actuator wireframe appearance is improved
  • Aircraft Editor: "Tail Rotor Volume" property is now named "Tail Rotor Sounds"
  • Stock color schemes that don't use normal and/or specular maps do not generate a console error message when saved
  • For airport objects that conform to ground and have multiple collision frames, those collision frames also conform to ground
  • Targeting ring arrow indicator no longer has a faint halo
  • Radio Interface Help.pdf (available from RealFlight's Help menu) footer is correct
  • Layouts of the Manage Game Lists and Edit NavGuides dialogs are tweaked
  • Star positions are updated immediately after a sun angle change, preventing them from potentially remaining in the sky during the day
  • The "Harrier - Scale" airport object's pilot figure is removed
  • Minor French and Italian translation fixes
  • Misc. other UI improvements

  • De Havilland DH-88 Comet (EP8): Adjusted CG
  • Flyzone Mini Switch: Name is capitalized correctly
  • FlyZone Switch (Sport and Trainer variants): Changed propeller
  • PAU 36% Edge 540: Horizontal stabilizer is strengthened
  • Pogo XFY-1 (EP2): Adjusted gyro settings to eliminate roll oscillation at high speeds
  • Python Biplane (EP4): Wings and struts are strengthened
  • Sikorsky Skycrane, Sikorsky Skycrane (Grappling Hook): Flight behavior and spool-up behavior are improved
  • Slinger: Trim affects both elevons
  • Westland Lynx: Uses a more appropriate engine sound profile
  • X-29 (EP1): Canards are now used in flight (high rates only)
  • X-29 (EP1): Canards remain intact during tight high-speed turns
  • Flyzone Mini Switch (Sport and Trainer), Flyzone Aircore models (P-51, ME-109, Principle), and Flyzone Sensei: Various modifications related to power system

  • Air Race Desert, Air Race Desert Finals, Air Race Tropical: Added heli spawns
  • Air Race Tropical: Buoys with number signs float more realistically
  • Aircraft Carrier: A multiplayer game spawn that was sometimes flipping aircraft up in the air on reset is fixed
  • Apocalypse: City West spawn no longer breaks most of the aircraft that use it
  • Carl Henson Field: Sections of fence do not pull the aircraft through when contacted from the rear
  • Grass Flatlands (Night): Added a bungee launch
  • Joe's Garage HD: Reintroduced a missing sound emitter and removed a lingering pilot spawn
  • Marooned: Sand textures do not appear washed out
  • Shipwreck: Sand textures do not appear washed out
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