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Old 01-08-2013, 04:20 PM
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Want to keep using multiplayer in RealFlight G4.5 and G5.5?

We made multiplayer server changes that affect RealFlight G4.5 and RealFlight G5.5. You can still use multiplayer in these versions! You just need to follow the simple directions below. Otherwise, if you try to host or join a public session you will only get connectivity error messages.

RealFlight G4.5 users:
Right-click to download this file (4 MB), then run it on the machine where you have RealFlight G4.5 installed. Only RealFlight will be affected. It will not modify your system in any way. It will not change which version (build number) of the sim you have installed, however.

Note: Version 4.50.050 is now required to use multiplayer. You can perform an online update to obtain it using the RealFlight Launcher. Contact RealFlight Technical Support if you require assistance updating your software.

RealFlight G5.5 users:
Use the RealFlight Launcher to update your software to version 5.50.034. This is strictly a maintenance update to keep multiplayer working after changes on the server side. No functionality--multiplayer or otherwise--has changed. Contact RealFlight Technical Support if you require assistance updating your software.
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