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Old 10-29-2006, 03:17 AM
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RealFlight G3.5 is now public

RealFlight G3.5 is now available on the public server as an online update. We would like to thank everyone who provided feedback during the public beta pre-release of G3.5. Your comments are very useful to us, and we will continue to factor them in as we strive to improve RealFlight.

To obtain version 3.50.033, simply run the RealFlight Launcher, click Additional Options, then click Registration/Updates. You may need to complete the online registration, so make sure you do that first. This may be required even if you've registered previously--for example, after switching between different servers. In this case, make sure to use the same password you've used to register in the past. Then, click Update to Latest Version, or Update to Specific Version if you prefer, and follow the instructions.

If you are currently connected to the public beta site, when you go to perform an online update you will automatically be switched to the public server now that 3.50.033 is available there. You will not need to download it again if you have previously obtained it from the public beta server.

Note that this update is cumulative. As long as you obtain the update via the Launcher, you do not need to update to any earlier versions first.

  • Night Flying - Many aircraft now support glow effects at night.
  • Dynamic Sun Angle - You are now able to change the sun angle at 3D airports (not supported in PhotoFields).
  • New Airports - G3.5 includes several new PhotoField airports, including Waco Field, home of the XFC.
  • New Grass Objects - On certain PhotoFields we have placed grass clumps that add an additional level of realism as the aircraft wheels roll across the terrain.
  • New Aircraft - The Heli-Max Axe EZ and Heli-Max Axe CP have been added, as well as the ElectriStar, FlyZone Cessna, and SkyFly models.
  • Variable Pitch Propellers - The "V-Pitch" system is now in the list of available propellers
  • Coaxial Helis - Coaxial helis, like the Axe EZ, are now supported
  • Streamers - You can now add streamers to any aircraft. You choose the color, width, and length of the streamer.
  • Responsive Objects - Many objects now respond to collisions. So if you fly into a ladder at the Air Race airport, the ladder will fall over. Barrels at the "Carnival" airport can be knocked over and pushed around by aircraft as well.
  • Multiplayer Collisions - You can now crash into other players when playing online.
  • New particle effects - Crash into the ground at Joe's Garage and see the dust spring from the ground. Hit a tree and leaves come out the other side. The Castle airport now has a fountain. When an aircraft breaks apart, pieces come out of the broken areas.
  • New Beginner Heli VFIs - Brian Bremer teaches the basics.
  • New Trainers - RealFlight G3.5 adds new "trainer" features. There is a Heli Hover Trainer, Airplane Hover Trainer, and a Heli Orientation Trainer. These trainers are like mini-games that encourage you to practice your R/C skills. The Heli Orientation Trainer is very challenging and requires that you pass each level to unlock a new level.
  • New Aircraft Editor Features - The menus have been reorganized and some helpful new features have been added. You may now select a component by clicking it in the wireframe display. You may now set the camera to Top, Side, or Front views with a button press. New hotkeys have been added as well. A new "Wave Generator" electronics component has been added, which can be used to flap a wing, rotate a beacon, twirl a streamer, or otherwise act as a servo would except that its input is time-based.
  • Animated Airport Objects - Many objects, such as the ferris wheel and the roller coaster at the Carnival airport, are now animated.
  • New Emitter Objects - You can now choose to add Sound, Fountain, and Smoke emitters to airports. We've added exhaust smoke to the truck at RealFlight Ranch and "moo" sounds to the cows at Green Valley.
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