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Old 10-18-2007, 01:47 AM
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RealFlight G4!

Knife Edge is pleased to announce that our newest version of RealFlight will be available soon from your favorite hobby outlet.

Adam, Scott, Ted, and Zach will represent Knife Edge during RealFlight G4's public unveiling at this weekend's iHobby show in Chicago, Illinois. If you are at the show please stop by to say hi to them and get all the latest info.

RealFlight G4 adds a number of often requested features, including:
- New aircraft
- New airports
- Float flying
- Better sailplane support, including a variometer, better thermal support, and dynamic soaring
- A completely redesigned controller, the Interlink Elite, based on the Futaba 6EX, with digital trims and built-in navigation buttons
- A console system allowing low-level commands and bindable keys.
- More realistic ground handling, including springy landing gear.
- Many, many user-interface and general usability improvements. For example, it is now possible to import multiple swap page items at once.
- New rendering features, including a "bloom" post-process effect, soft shadowing, new prop and heli blade effects. Also, more ways to tune the quality/performance trade-off to your liking.

Current customers of RealFlight G3.5 will receive a rebate toward a purchase of RealFlight G4. Our publisher, Great Planes, will announce pricing and the rebate details shortly.

One important note: RealFlight G4 is not compatible with the RealFlight Classic or G2 "Add Ons" packs. It is, however, compatible with all RealFlight G3 Expansion Packs. Unfortunately, the older Add Ons just couldn't be reworked to fit into G4's way of doing things. We are still looking into some way of making these packs available to RealFlight G4 customers.

We've set up a new forum for discussing G4 here: http://www.knifeedge.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=87

Jim Bourke
General Manager
Knife Edge Software
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