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Old 12-30-2015, 03:42 PM
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First thank you both for all your help! Sincerely! That said...

csgill75! Ah!... and right you are, except I had to learn the HARD WAY! <smile> I scaled UP your DVII, but didn't know about matching the physics, and for that matter... I don't think I ever really FOUND the graphics scale? In sim 6.5, which is what I currently have, all I could find was "Rescale Physics", and then different percentage options .. so .. I took your DVII and bumped it up. Well... I'll bet you know what happened! It was awful, in that it didn't really look any bigger, but it literally blew apart when I increased throttle for the take off roll... <smile> Goes without saying I DELETED that model as I saved it under a different name so as not to lose the DVII that you so beautifully built. So...

... where exactly is the Graphics Scale located on 6.5? For that matter, based on what you have just written, if I INCREASE the physical size, I'm going to have to increase the physics as well, yes?... otherwise it won't fly? Or fly well? How time consuming is it to do that? Could you possibly bump up the size in a NEW AV? Otherwise... I just started on the RF6.5 on the 24th!, so I'm kinda learning as I go. Flying is NOT the issue! I can fly anything that's available other than rotary as I have been flying RC scale WWI models for close to 25 years! The simulator though .. WOW .. doesn't get any better than having this for the winter months when I can't actually fly the real planes, or for working on specific things with ZERO RISK to the actual airframe/model.

THANK YOU so much for all the input! Let me know on the Graphics Scale and where it might be located? And/or if you can possibly bump up the physical size of the model!

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