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Old 11-10-2015, 01:05 PM
bagobitz bagobitz is offline
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G3.5 with XP on a 64-bit Linux machine-possible?

Hi, first time poster here, though I used to be a regular on Runryder a few years ago.

Well, I Have decided to have another go, after about 6 years of inactivity.
My 10-year old computer was declared "obsolete" and the kids bought me a new "proper" one...I don't get on with touch-screens and the like...at 67 , i'm turning into a Luddite!

My old 'puter ran Ubuntu linux and had a dual-boot start screen, which enabled me to boot Windoze XP, which was bought solely to run Realflight.
I upgraded to 3.5 with night-flying, some photo-fields (don't like them!) and bags of other features I haven't touched.

The Big Question ! Is it true I can't run XP on a computer built less than a year ago?
Is it true that G3.5 won't run on it, either?

Or is it just too much hassle for the offspring to set it up/....In spite of the advances in "plug'n play", I suspect that I will still have to boot directly into Windoze in order to use Realflight.

Computer is presently running latest Ubuntu issue....I am not at all familiar with Win. and do not want to shell out on that again, just for a flight -sim.....I was tempted to refit the rescued hard-drive back into my old machine, purely to run R/F.

Anyone out there with any suggestions, please?
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Old 11-10-2015, 03:32 PM
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3.5 will run fine on windows xp. You may be thinking about Realflight 7.5, that will not run on Windows XP. As far as installing xp on a new machine, it really comes down to driver support. Nobody is making drivers for it anymore so you may be on your own for that. Also, if your computer has one of those UEFI Bios chips in it, you will have to run your computer in Legacy mode in that bios in order for Windows XP to even boot.

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Old 11-10-2015, 06:05 PM
bagobitz bagobitz is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2015
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Wow! express reply! thanks for taking the time . Yes, I was running 3.5 on 2gb of ram, in Win xp.....I don't use win for anything at all, except to run realflight, so the drivers issue wouldn't seem to matter.

I was told that on the new machine, it couldn't connect to the internet....why I would have to, I don't know, because my tech guru son blocked Win. from accessing it, anyway. AFAIK, I have 3.5, which I think was the final version and I have Vol.3 add-ons.....I also have the original XP disc,the old hard drive from the 16-bit machine and a Seagate "backup plus" portable drive, which *should* have the entire contents of the old hard drive, as well....
Thanks for the hint, re- "legacy setting" I am not terribly computer-literate but can build them no bother....seems like time to get off my backside and learn how to get this thing running.
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