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Old 11-21-2010, 04:31 AM
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What do you fly?

I'm curious how people feel RF models their specific RC toys, I have 3 of the models included in RFB, the Helimax EZ, Helimax Novus CP and X-Cell Furion 450. The EZ and Furion 450 seem quite accuate, the EZ being exactly that ...Eas-ee, and Furion 450 requiring you to stay focused. However the Novus CP is actually easier to fly RC than it is in RFB. The Novus, with a little practice, is a living toy but it is greatly affected by ground wash until it's about 2' off the floor, above that it stables out quite well, in RFB it seems like the ground wash never goes away even at higher altitudes.

Only plane I have is one that I bought used about 20yrs ago, a .50 pico with 62" top wing, never have been able to pin a model name to it but it's a very user friendly flyer, handles "Almost" as nice as the Great Plains 38 in RFB.

I've recently checked out some other RC sims, FMS, XHeli, Helisim, and others, I am VERY happy I bought RFB. Friend of mine has RF4.5 which is nice, but I don't see an advantage training wise, blowin sht up is fun, but 4.5 is leaning a bit toward video game IMO. Seems like it uses the exact flight model as RFB so still a great training tool.

I didn't look, maybe this has been done before, but lets hear update comparisons to real RC's that are included in RFB.
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Old 06-23-2011, 05:52 PM
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Purposely responding to an ancient post...

RFB does a great job simulating the included planes.

The intent of the simulator is to provide you with a slightly more "basic" experience that will see you through your first initial RC flights.
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