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Old 03-22-2018, 01:04 AM
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problem with Samsung Odysesy V Vive

Hi Guys I have tested both the Odyssey and the Vive and its certainly an interesting comparison.

No doubt the Vive is rock solid magnificent in terms of zero noticeable latency and very accurate matching your head movements but the screen door effect is not bad by any means but noticeable but the picture is so smooth you soon forget it but it takes a lot to set up and there are base stations and wires everywhere!

The Samsung is super simple to set up and the picture quality is noticeably better with a higher resolution and the screen door effect not noticeable but... the accuracy of head movement is a lot less than the vive and fast head movements really cause a big lag so its important to slow down your head movements to make it smooth.

The biggest problem for me is while the background is really smooth the actual models seem to stutter and seem to jump between frames.

This is so bad it makes the Samsung unusable in my opinion with RFX.

Now the funny thing is that I also I have RF8 and I would say the higher resolution of the Samsung makes it better than the Vive as this stuttering of the model does not occur.

Maybe it's just the software is not yet optimised for the Samsung and RFX?

Its certainly not related to processor or Graphics chips as I don't get the problem with the Vive and I have also tried turning down the graphics options.

Any ideas KE?
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