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Old 12-07-2011, 07:25 PM
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RealFlight version 6.00.027 is now public

6.00.027 is now a full public release. To obtain it, simply run the RealFlight 6 Launcher, click Additional Options, then click Registration/Updates. You will need to complete the online registration if you have not done so in the past. (This may be required even if you have registered previously; if so, just make sure to use the same password you used originally.) Then, click Update to Latest Version, or Update to Specific Version if you prefer, and follow the instructions.

Note that this update is cumulative. As long as you obtain the update via the Launcher, you do not need to update to any earlier/in-between versions first. And if you already downloaded this version from the public beta server, you do not need to download it again.

  • Fixed crash that could occur when pressing & holding reset and the up/down switch simultaneously
  • Multiplayer: Fixed crash related to detachable components
  • Rewind works with the InterLink Plus
  • Non-aerodynamic flybar weights on stock coaxial helis are handled properly in physics
  • Smoke particle behavior is improved in high turbulence
  • Broken-off components inherit momentum from parent
  • Detachable components do not receive random velocity when dropped
  • Autopilot Assist continues working after changing aircraft
  • Airplane and heli hover trainers: Get Ready dialog's throttle position condition is correct
  • Heli hover trainer: Heli's governor starts out engaged
  • Improved many airfoil curves
  • Grappling hook falls at a more realistic rate and retracts more naturally
  • Grappling hook component has new property allowing user to specify rope color

  • ElectriFly Matt Chapman Eagle 580 (EP6): Moved CG into recommended range
  • Gaui X5 (HMP): Added engine sound profile recorded from this real-life model
  • Heli-Max Axe CX Micro (EP6): Fixed setup errors and tweaked flight performance
  • Heli-Max Axe EZ: Fixed setup errors and tweaked flight performance
  • KDE 700 (HMP): Improved tail authority, tweaked HH gain on gyros
  • KDE 700 (HMP): Added engine sound profile recorded from this real-life model
  • Rave 90 ENV Electric, Rave 90 ENV Electric FBL (HMP): Added engine sound profile recorded from this real-life model
  • Yak-54 (3D): Physics aileron length increased to provide more counter-torque authority in hover. NOTE: This is the default aircraft used in the airplane hover trainer

  • Castle HD: Slope Soaring Balcony pilot spawn faces out from the castle
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