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Old 09-19-2018, 10:27 AM
Simon_wang Simon_wang is offline
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question about flightaxis in ardupilot

I going to buy realflight just for ardupilot test,so I really focus on the the reality of Simulator in ardupilot.I have try to connect xplane 11 with mission planner which is a GCS in ardupilot ,everything is good except some feature can not be simulate,I connect my transmitter via a dongle to my PC,but only four channel can be use ,so I can't change the flight mode via my own transmitter,meanwhile I also can't trigger the fence by switch in my transmitte ,but even I've set up auto fence eable which will automatic trigger the fence after take off ,it's still not work.I not sure if I have set the function right or this function can't work in simulator .
Do anyone know whether realflight 8 has fix the above issue?it's it worth to buy for ardupilot test.
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Old 09-21-2018, 02:39 PM
Jeremy Sebens's Avatar
Jeremy Sebens Jeremy Sebens is offline
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When flying ArduPilot with Mission Planner and RealFlight, it's Mission Planner that handles the controls. That means that RealFlight won't fix your controller issues, I'm afraid.

You'll need to resolve those using the joystick panel in Mission Planner, and maybe some programming of your TX.
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Old 10-23-2018, 08:26 PM
tridge tridge is offline
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Hi Simon,
Sorry for the slow response.
There are two ways of using RC transmitter input with ArduPilot and FlightAxis (realflight8).
One is for your GCS (such as MissionPlanner) to handle the input. That is what Jeremy describes, and works just the same as any other joystick on your GCS.
The other is for the transmitter to be connected to RealFlight8, and ArduPilot will take the RC input from RealFlight. That is the way I do it, and it works well with the nice USB RC transmitter (the Interlink lite) or the modules that plug into your transmitters trainer port.
Once you enable FlightAxis then if your transmitter can control RealFlight then it will also be seen as RC input for ArduPilot.
See this page for more info:
Cheers, Tridge
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